Information and Networking

Provide Information on EU Programmes and Grants, organise Information Sessions and prepare Grant Briefs for potential beneficiaries

Training and Capacity Building

Build Personal, Business and Institutional Skills and Capacities to Access, Absorbe, Manage, Implement and Evaluate EU Programmes and Grants Projects

Project Design and Development

Support, Coach, Guide and Mentor Potential Beneficiaries to Design and Develop Qualitative and Successful Concept Notes and Full Applications

Policy Advice and Implementation

Advice Governments and Private Sector to Proactively and Effectively Participate and Benefit from EU Programmes, Grants, Projects and Initiatives
Info session: EU4HEALTH
August 30, 2020
Online Info Session for DIGITAL EUROPE
July 10, 2020
Online (facebook)
EU Programmes 2021-2027 Info Session
October 8, 2020
Media Outreach on EUpSC
July 22, 2020
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EUpSC Information

Europe for Citizens

The aim of EACEA to contribute to citizens’ understanding of the EU, its history and diversity and to encourage the democratic participation of citizens at EU level.

Turkey will not receive EU funds during 2021-2027 period

Olivér Várhelyi stated that Turkey will not receive European Union pre-accession funding during the 2021-2027 budget period.

Next GenerationEU: Green, Digital and Resilient Union

“All of them see the economic damage in the single market, but also in the national economies, therefore this is Europe’s moment,” she said.

Three-quarters of Next Generation EU payments will have to wait until 2023

The Commission expects that barely 24.9% of the total new firepower for grants would be spent in 2020-2022, when the recovery needs will be greatest.

European projects during COVID-19

Right now, the EU has given a reality sheet on the basic useful counsel to members in Erasmus in addition to and European Solidarity Cadaver versatility exercises considering the COVID-19 pandemic.


EU puts emphasis on digital transformation. Supercomputing, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity and Digital Skills among key priorities.


EU Star Programme, Horizon Europe, to support Research and Innovation with EUR100 Billion

What is Erasmus+?

Erasmus+ has a spending plan of €14.7 billion to give chances to more than 4 million Europeans to study, train, and increase experience abroad.

Will the pandemic mark the end of Europe’s green dream?

The pandemic has been a dark swan, an exceptionally doubtful occasion that affected our lives for a huge scope.

Advantages of taking an interest in an Erasmus + venture!

Get the opportunity today and apply for an Erasmus+ entry level position some place in Europe!

EU4Health programme for a healthier and safer Union

The Commission has proposed to invest €9.4 billion in strengthening health systems via EU4Health Programme.

The European Innovation Council in the Next Framework 2021-2027

Framework 2021-2027 for EIC

EU COSME to Integrate into SINGLE MARKET and InvestEU Programmes during 2021-2027

EU COSME to integrated into InvestEU and SINGLE MARKET

Stay Up to Date with EU Programmes, Grants and Projects

EU Programmes Support Centre is established to enhance effectiveness and impact of EU Financial Instruments under the Programmes Framework by:

  • Providing up to date Information on Opportunities and Calls
  • Build Skills and Capacities of Potential Beneficiaries, Institutions and Private Sector
  • Project Design and Development Support
  • Policy Advice for Government to Improve Participation and Absorbtion Capacities

EU Grants

EUpSC's Mission

Enhanced Effectiveness and Impact of EU Programmes

Increased Absorption Capacities

Improved Understanding of Objectives and Procedures

Strengthened Skills and Capacities

Qualitative Actions Design and Implementation

Proactive Government Policies and Participation

Professional Teams

EUpSC Teams and Associates are long term professionals and practicioners with extensive experience in EU Affairs, Programmes, Policies and Projects including Governcance Business and Sectorial Policies.

Shenoll Muharremi

EU Funds and Programmes

Former Head of European Integration Agency and EU Funds Cheif Negotiatior. Experience in EU Affairs, Policies and Programmes.

Arjeta Emra

International Programmes

Long term experience in International Development Organisations. Has lead and managed intennational organisations and complex project.

Fisnik Rexhepi

EU Projects & Governance

In depth experience with EU projects and institutions, public governmental and nongovernmental authorities and policy reforms.

Dardan Velija

Networking and Cooperation

Experience with EU Affairs, Management of the EU Info Centres, Public Policies. Graduated from the London School of Economics

Besarta Verbovci

EUpSC Coordinator

Experience in EU Programmes Reserach, Grants, Training, Networking and Events. Support to Operations and Management.

Blerona Macastena

Operations, Events and Networking

Experience in project management and organising events, workshop and information sessions.

Lorena Saini

Grants, ICT, SMM

Experience in grants information, experts database, communication and social media management.

Shkelqesa Osmani

Trainings and Capacity Building

Experience in organisting and managing skills development, trainings and capacity building.


Learn New Skills to Design, Manage and Implement EU Projects

Learning and working with EU Programmes Support Centre Team is fun and addictive.  Get on board by registering your interest!  

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