Welcome to EU Programmes Support Centre!

EU Programmes Support Center provides advisory and capacity building  services related to European Union Programmes and Project. EUpSC aims to increase Kosovo’s participation in EU Programmes and initiatives as well as to enhance the effectiveness of EU funded projects and instruments supporting Western Balkans EU integration path and structural reforms in key sectors.

EUpSC distinguishes in applying the most innovative and practical instruments to provide comprehensive information on EU Programmes and Grants; advisory services to Public Institutions and Private Sector to proactively and effectively participate and benefit from EU Programmes and Instruments; design and implement tailor made capacity and institutional building programmes to access, absorb, manage and evaluate EU funded Projects; and comprehensive support through coaching, guiding and mentoring potential beneficiaries in designing, developing qualitative project proposals.
With its dynamic and professional teams of experts with extensive experience in designing, managing, and implementing successful projects, EUpSC aims to become a leader in providing innovative and tailor made solutions to its clients and partners.


There is a severe lack of support to the teachers at this school. They throw children your way at ANY point during the year and if you’ve taken the time to organize a routine for your classroom, you can forget about it. The school definitely has a good reputation but it is all about keeping your employees happy just as much as the parents and children involved at the school.

  • Provide Information on EU Programmes and Grants, organise Information Sessions and prepare Grant Briefs for potential beneficiaries
  • Build Personal, Business and Institutional Skills and Capacities to Access, Absorbe, Manage, Implement and Evaluate EU Programmes and Grants Projects
  • Support, Coach, Guide and Mentor Potential Beneficiaries to Design and Develop Qualitative and Successful Concept Notes and Full Applications
  • Advice Governments and Private Sector to Proactively and Effectively Participate and Benefit from EU Programmes, Grants, Projects and Initiatives
  • Strengthened Skills and Capacities
  • Increased Absorption Capacities
  • Improved Understanding of Objectives and Procedures
  • Proactive Government Policies and Participation
  • Enhanced Effectiveness and Impact of EU Programmes
  • Qualitative Actions Design and Implementation
  • Proactive Government Policies and Participation

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